Latvian Association of building informational modeling  (abbreviated as LatBIM) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2014. Since 2015, association “Latvian Association of building information modeling” is a member of a worldwide BIM organization “BuildingSmart”, whose key strategic objective is to develop and implement uniform OpenBIM international standards which will provide a measurable benefit to the public and the construction industry as a whole.

• Promote BIM (Building Information Modeling) development in Latvian;
• Environmental protection and sustainable development in Latvia;
• Protection and preservation of Latvian cultural heritage;
• Cooperation with state and local authorities, European and global BIM organizations;
• Promote BIM process implementation for AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) and other industry members.
• Education and trainings for adult and children’s.

Association unites specialists from AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry as well as other non-governmental organizations in Latvia.